Our Startup Program
ProspectSV takes a "barriers and gaps" approach by supporting the individual needs of each startup. From there, we guide teams toward clear, strategic paths through offering key resources needed to jumpstart a startup's success: industry expertise, promotional opportunities, advisory support, and access to advanced facilities. 



Space and Equipment

Work in your own dedicated space in our 23,000 square foot Technology Demonstration Center. 

Use specialized equipment, tools, vehicle simulator and test labs. Work and meet in our shared modern office space and meeting facilities equipped with flatscreen TVs and AV equipment. 
Vibrant Ecosystem

Connect with fellow innovators on-site and through networking meetings and exclusive events that bring startups face-to-face with corporate partners to explore opportunities. 

Install your products in our buildings as a living lab or get access to commercial buildings and transportation systems in our ecosystem of corporate and civici structures. Apply your products in a grant-funded public-private projects incorporating the latest urban Technology innovations. 

Have a startup in the clean tech industry?

Prospect Silicon Valley

General Contact Information
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