Rick Hutchinson

Rick Hutchinson

Board Member

As the Chief Executive Officer of City CarShare, the largest nonprofit carsharing organization in North America, Rick Hutchinson brings more than 30 years of leadership experience to the sustainable transportation marketplace. During his career, he has led three companies, headed subsidiaries and divisions of major public corporations and consulted in a range of industries and specialties. He joined City CarShare in 2005.


Currently, Rick is responsible for all aspects of the City CarShare organization, including strategic direction, operational functions and organizational development. He also serves on the Board of Directors of City Carshare.

Under Rick’s direction, City CarShare has enhanced operations and expanded the range and scope of the organization achieving operational sustainability and solidifying. Balancing mission-based goals with solid business processes, Rick has established City CarShare’s socially responsible credentials within the carsharing movement, helping to create best practices, enabling technology, research and awareness of transit-oriented carsharing, which focuses on local community, environmental, land use and transportation goals instead of profit.


During Rick’s tenure, City CarShare membership has quadrupled and an estimated 16,000 fewer privately-owned vehicles have been purchased. City CarShare members have saved hundreds of millions of pounds of CO2 locally in the Bay Area, and more than 50,000 fewer vehicle miles are driven on Bay Area roads each day. On its 10th Anniversary in 2011, Rick announced three key City CarShare goals: take 20,000 more cars off the road by 2020, evolve its fleet so that 50% of its vehicles are electric or hybrid by 2015, and save City CarShare members $1 billion over the cost of car ownership by 2020.


Prior to joining City CarShare, Rick ran his own strategic planning and interim management consultancy. Working with both startups and established companies, Rick helped senior executives accelerate the success of their marketing, new venture or business initiatives. He was also President and Chief Executive Officer of StockPower, Inc. during its formation and market launch stages. From 1993 to 1998, Rick was President and Chief Operating Office for BankLink, Inc. establishing the company as the market leader in outsourced treasury management and commercial e-banking technology services. Rick has held executive positions at Chemical Bank within its Chemical Technologies Corp. subsidiary where he led various M&A efforts. Prior to Chemical Bank, Rick worked for Bankers Trust Company where he developed the bank’s short-term investment product line.

Rick has served on various board and advisory groups, including SPUR, San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, the CarSharing Association, the Bay Area Sharing Economy Coalition, and the Bay Area EV Strategic Council. He graduated the University of California.

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