New client: DANNAR

New client: DANNAR

DD Dannar is the newest Prospect Silicon Valley startup client. Based in Muncie Indiana, DD Dannar’s first product is the MPS-400, a multi-function, all-electric, off-road work vehicle. The MPS-400 is the first battery-powered work vehicle and is being marketed to local government public works organizations that are committed to sustainable vehicles for use in construction, emergency response, and other applications that require a multi-use work vehicle. The vehicle can be remotely controlled to minimize danger to operating personnel. It is designed to accept industry standard attachments such as backhoes, front loaders, excavators, forklifts to provide maximum flexibility.

DD Dannar chose Prospect Silicon Valley to help introduce the MPS-400 to local government organizations through introductions and demonstrations. The experience with local city and county governments was just as important as having a place to store and demonstrate the unit. In addition, Prospect Silicon Valley has plans to explore other use cases for the vehicle so that DD Dannar can expand its market as quickly as possible. DD Dannar already has a grant-funded pilot project with the Port of Stockton and is exploring several other local opportunities.

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