Nelumbo: Making an impact in HVAC and beyond

January 15, 2019 

At ProspectSV, we work with firms on the leading edge of innovation in mobility, smart cities, buildings and infrastructure. It’s rewarding to work with firms that start with great ideas, gain initial market validation and become larger, more successful, and more impactful. One company we work with, Nelumbo, is making large strides forward and we want to highlight the opportunities of working with Nelumbo to our community.  

Nelumbo has developed a cutting edge materials science platform. Initially Nelumbo is focusing on the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) market and they’ve quickly established market leadership leading to an investment and strategic partnership with Danfoss. Within the HVACR market, Nelumbo is addressing a key challenge with heat exchangers: frost and corrosion that builds up and reduces efficiency and efficacy while increasing maintenance costs. 

While Nelumbo’s technology has applications beyond HVACR, this first market is an exciting and significant opportunity for the firm for several reasons:

  • HVAC makes up about 44 percent of US commercial building energy consumption. Refrigeration adds another 10 percent. On average, people spend 90 percent of their lives indoors, and much of that is in buildings with conditioned air. Reducing this energy consumption will save money, reduce carbon emissions and improve the performance of our indoor spaces. 
  • Refrigeration is also seeing significant growth as demand for perishables increases (both in traditional retail and ecommerce). Fundamentally improving refrigeration systems will reduce energy and carbon emissions, but also will help avoid food spoilage, which is a key concern in some developing nations. 
  • Moreover, air conditioning is a key requirement of operating data centers and other small but rapidly growing facility types. Many firms are focused on reducing energy consumption in the rapidly growing data center market, but Nelumbo has a differentiated offering. 

Most importantly, the team is growing! Working at Nelumbo means working on real, physical products that will have significant impact on our world. To support Nelumbo’s rapid growth, they are hiring for several key roles. Contact Nelumbo to get more information on the company – and to make a big impact on your career! Joining a growing company that has already established a name for itself, in ProspectSV’s experience, is a great way to develop both personally and professionally.

ProspectSV has worked with Nelumbo for several years and is constantly impressed by the team and its culture. The leaders have fostered a true environment of curiosity and creativity that values learning, nimbleness and innovation. The team is mission-driven; they are focused on making tangible, measurable impacts in energy, environment and overall quality of life. It is inspiring to see good companies doing great things in the world, and Nelumbo is a strong example of this. While ProspectSV supports Nelumbo’s commercialization efforts and delivers expertise, it’s a true two-way street – we also learn from the Nelumbo team.


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