Ready, Set, Charge, Fleets! Preparing for Mass Deployment of EVs

 This document is a resource to guide fleet managers as they transition their fleets beyond the first few electric vehicles (EVs). It introduces fleet managers to the world of energy management and helps them think about and tackle challenges related to the cost of charging many electric vehicles. It also provides guidance around employee adoption of EVs, programs, incentives and tools for EV procurement and management, and strategies to future proof operations and prepare for mass-adoption of EVs. This report draws on research by experts at Prospect Silicon Valley and real-world experience from Alameda County General Service Agency’s fleet.

Download the Executive Summary: Executive Summary – Preparing for Mass Deployment of EVs
Download the Full Guide:  Preparing for Mass Deployment of EVs

Tech Discovery Report
InnovateNetZero and MarketZero:
Read the findings from our “ZNE Call for Innovators.”

PDF Document here: ZNE Technology and Strategy Report

Connected Infrastructure: Evolving Perceptions, Planning for the Future
We’re pleased to announce that our findings from the Tech Horizons Workshops have been summarized into the document “Connected Infrastructure: Evolving Perceptions, Planning for the Future”. With the support of our sponsor Cisco Systems, we launched these workshops to focus on educating participants in the deployment of connected vehicle technology and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Read the PDF Document here: Connected Infrastructure: Evolving Perceptions, Planning for the Future

Bay Area Charge Ahead Project, Public EV Charging Analysis and Lessons Learned. The Bay Area Charge Ahead Project (BayCAP) comprised the installation of 152 EV charging ports with 17 host partners at more than 46 individual sites. In order to inform future EV charging station projects, the stations were analyzed for usage based on location characteristics – time of day, day of week, and usage policies established by the site hosts. Data collected included start/stop charging time, start/stop plug-in time, energy consumed and price charged to the user.

Download the analysis here.

Ready_Set_Charge-Fleets_Cover (1)Ready, Set, Charge, Fleets! EV Fleet Deployment Strategies provides details on EV fleet deployment strategies for fleet managers that are interested in transitioning to electric vehicles. The Guide includes total cost of ownership assessment, duty-cycle considerations, infrastructure siting, and numerous other substantive and practical considerations for deployment of EV in public and private fleets. The Ready, Set, Charge, Fleets! guide is a collaborative project of the Bay Area Climate Collaborative, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and Alameda County General Services Agency. It was made possible by funding from the National Highway Administration under the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program.

Download the full guide.

8_nextgenstreetlight_cover (1)Next Generation Streetlights: LED Technology and Strategies for Action provides detailed information on the benefits of LED streetlights and strategies for local governments to advance upgrades including key considerations for specifications, financing and implementation strategies. Developed in partnership with the UC Davis California Lighting Technology Center and other partners.
Download the full guide.

Ready, Set, Charge California! A Guide to EV–Ready Communities is the authoritative guide for local governments to become “EV–Ready.” Developed with ABAG, leading utility, local government, NGO, and industry experts throughout the state, the guide provides critical guidance for local governments on issues ranging from charger siting, best–practices in permitting, coordinating between the utility and auto–maker, signage and deployment.

Download the full guide.

Ready, Set, Charge California! Linking EVs, Fast Chargers, & Storage to the California Grid addresses strategies for charging site hosts to mitigate high energy costs and EV consumers can earn substantial revenue for use of the vehicle battery in providing grid-linked services, thereby achieving EV price parity with conventional vehicles.

Download the full report.

The BBridgeToCleanEconomy_Cover-small (1)ridge To The Clean Economy: Low Carbon, High Impact Market Initiatives for the Bay Area identifies near–term high impact, market–oriented initiatives for economic development and rapid emissions reductions. Developed with broad participation of clean energy and climate leaders across sectors, the Bridge to the Clean Economy is a strategic guide for concrete regional action in four
key domains: electric vehicles, commercial efficiency, residential retrofits and distributed renewables.

Download the full report.

The Sustainable Cities Guide offers insight for local governments on improving budgets while advancing sustainability goals through electric vehicle strategies, solar power financing options, energy efficiency, and green building and rooftop solar practices.

Download the full guide.

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