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Around the world, technology is being applied in new, exciting ways to address challenges that communities face every day. Whether it’s new approaches to transportation, the efficiency of our built environment, or access to renewable energy, delivering new technology solutions takes a team of innovators, investment and social leadership.

Prospect Silicon Valley is advancing the field of urbantech by developing a network to solve the significant challenges and pressures our cities face; helping the public sector, startups and corporations build and prove new solutions for the essential foundation of our cities — transportation & mobility, energy & buildings.

Rapidly growing urban populations are challenging our quality of life and pressuring cities all over the world to rethink how they manage infrastructure and resources. However, cities and the systems that run them are slow to change. Identifying the best ways for cities, innovators and corporations to come together and apply rapidly advancing technology to solve major urban challenges requires new approaches and common ground.


Our Drivers

We deliver progress through collaboration – guiding startups to market, and working closely with corporate and government leaders to bring impact from technology innovation.

Board of Directors

Doug Davenport

Executive Director and Founder

Gordon Ho

Chairman of the Board

Michael Wu

Board Member


Rick Hutchinson

Board Member

Jane Mcfarlane, PhD

Board Member

Ken Alex

Board Member

Our Team

Andrew Huynh

Financial Administrator

Mike Harrigan

Senior Program Manager

Tina Hu

Program Manager
Mobility Projects

Melissa Benn

Senior Project Associate

Taylor Grossman

Program Associate

Lauren Domagas

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator


Co-Founder, Chief Intern

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